Commercial Control Plans

Protecting employees from asbestos exposure at work

Did you know that all employers are required to be aware of asbestos locations in their buildings to prevent accidental exposure to employees during regular building maintenance or alterations?

OH&S Workplace Safety Regulations require:

  • Site inspection to identify possible asbestos locations
  • Sample extraction and testing
  • Asbestos inventory documentation
  • Site labelling where asbestos is present
  • Formal asbestos control plan documentation
  • Employee awareness training
  • Regular inspection of asbestos locations
  • Containment or abatement if needed
Asbestos Abatement

It can be time consuming and difficult to allocate existing, already busy staff to navigate through these requirements, but we can help!

Straight Line Contractors has all the experience you need to put your mind at ease about asbestos locations in your building(s), and we are certified to help you easily through the process to compliance.

Our company is unique, in that we have high levels of expertise in construction and building code compliance, facility maintenance, as well as high risk material management and workplace safety.

We would happy to provide a quote to inspect your building(s) and make recommendations to protect your workers according to regulations.

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